Instant Meat Marinade

O'riginal - Southwest - Spicy Pepper

Our most popular instant meat marinades! It will tenderize and has a light onion and garlic flavor (O'riginal), Tex-Mex flavor (Southwest) or heat that won't burn (Spicy Pepper) that does not overpower the natural taste and goodness of meat. Your steaks will taste like they were prepared in a world class steak house! For marvelous pork chops and grilled chicken sprinkle some Daddy Hinkles instant meat marinade today! Great for veggies too!


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Daddy Hinkle's is the Best Steak Tenderizer Marinade

Daddy Hinkle's provides a flavorful experience with our Seasoned Tenderizer. Here is what makes Daddy Hinkle's the best steak tenderizer marinade.

Barbeque Dry Rub


Daddy Hinkle's is the Best Store Bought Chicken Marinade!

Now it's easier than ever to make perfect grilled chicken every time with Daddy Hinkle's, the best store bought chicken marinade!

Barbeque Dry Rub


Looking for an Easy Steak Marinade? Try Daddy Hinkle's!

No matter what cut of steak you are cooking, you deserve an easy steak marinade that provides great  flavor with minimal effort. Daddy Hinkle's can help!

Easy Chicken Marinade
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BBQ Dry Rub
BBQ Dry Rub
BBQ Dry Rub

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Pork Chops Marinade

Seasoned Tenderizer & Flour Sack Towel Gift Box

Try our newest product available. Paired in a handmade gift box with Daddy Hinkle's Tea Towel perfect for grill or kitchen.

Dry Rub For Ribs