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Perfect for the Executive Chef in your family or business. 12" Gift Basket includes 1 each of 15 oz set of Original and Southwest, 1 each of 4.3 oz shaker Onion & Garlic, Tex Mex, Spicy Pepper, Low Sodium, and Cracked Pepper, 1 each 1.5 oz packets Original, southwest, and Spicy Pepper, Jaccard Meat Tenderizer, Thermometer, and Tea Towel.

Price: $99.99




Contains 1 each-4.3 oz Shaker of Tex Mex, Cracked Pepper, and Low Sodium. Comes packaged in a hand-made gift box.

Price: $14.99 Per Gift Box

Gift Box



This gift box contains jars of Onion & Garlic, Tex-Mex, Spicy Pepper, Cracked Pepper and Low Sodium. Daddy Hinkle's variety 2.5-oz gift box is a great way to sample all of the blends.  Tenderize and bring out the natural flavor in meats. Mix with oil, vinegar and water to create a marinade, use dry as rubs or try in soups, sauces, batters and savory recipes.

Price: $14.99

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Our Gift Basket is filled with a variety of Seasonings and Marinades to give the chef in your family or a friend all the flavors he or she will ever need! Additional shipping may apply.

Price: $29.99




Contains one set for every one of our 3 flavors or mix your Variety Gift Pack with any combination of Original, Southwest or Spicy Pepper.

Price: $24.99




 Medium gift basket with 3 sets of Daddy Hinkle's 15 oz Original, Southwest, and Spicy Pepper, 3 packets of 1.5-oz marinade Original, Southwest, and Spicy Pepper, a Jaccard meat tenderizer, and Daddy Hinkle's grilling towel.

Price: $49.99 Per Gift Basket

Gift Basket



Each packet contains both the liquid and the dry marinade. This Trial Size Gift Pack contains one 1.5oz packet of each flavor: Original, Southwest and Spicy Pepper.  

Price: $4.95




Give the Gift of a Daddy Hinkle's Gift Certificate. Additional Shipping Charges May Apply.

Price: Based on Selection

Gift Certificate