4.3oz Gift Pack


Each Daddy Hinkle’s 4.3 oz. Gift Pack contains 3 of our most delicious seasoning blends including Tex-Mex, Cracked Pepper and Low Sodium. As a personal touch, each set comes packaged in a handmade gift box.



It can often be hard to find a gift for the grill master who seemingly has everything. While gadgets and tools used in grilling may come to mind, they likely have already purchased these items themselves. Instead of scrambling to find an alternative gift, give them what they really want.

When you order the Daddy Hinkle’s 4.3 oz. gift pack, you are investing in consistently flavorful and enjoyable meals. No matter what your individual taste preferences are, the seasoning blends included in this gift pack are sure to become your new favorites. If you haven’t tried these delicious seasonings, take advantage of this gift set to see why they have become so popular!

Flavors Included

The Tex Mex Blend is a bold blend of peppers and spices that can help bring a Southern flair to your favorite dishes. This blend works great on poultry, beef, potatoes, dips and dressings! If you need a boost for your foods, look no further than Daddy Hinkle’s Sugar Free Tex Mex Shakers!

The Cracked Pepper Blend can help transform your favorite meats and vegetables by increasing their flavor without masking their original flavor. Cracked pepper has long been a staple in meat seasonings and we believe our low sodium version rivals the top seasoning providers in the industry. With half the salt and all the flavor, Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium Cracked Pepper Blend is the seasoning you have been waiting for!

The Low Sodium Blend provides a light onion and garlic flavor just like our O’riginal blend with 50% of the salt per serving. If you are trying to watch your sodium intake and love the taste of our existing blend, this is the blend for you. With Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium Blend you can get 100% of the flavor you expect and the same great taste you love!

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