To Sear or not to Sear


Let’s assume you have sprinkled on Daddy Hinkle’s wet and dry marinades and let your meat warm up to room temp. Thank you.

While that was happening, you started up your gas grill or your lit your charcoal grill, so that, when the meat with the Daddy Hinkle’s on it is at room temp, your grill is hot and ready to go.

Steaks will love a hot, hot grill and you can sear them to seal in the juices and then turn it down if you need to cook your steaks to “done,” but please don’t. Medium rare would be better.

Chicken hates hot, hot grills, because chicken loves to be cooked to “done,” which means to 165 degrees. If you start with a too hot grill, you will burn up the outside before the inside is done. So, start with a medium hot grill and let the chicken cook longer. A meat thermometer is the best way to know when chicken has reached 165 degrees.

You and your grill can become best buddies over time. With Daddy Hinkle’s you will get a good result every time, but please don’t over-cook your meat. Use a thermometer for best results or use pressure to know when meat is cooked to perfection.

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