January 22, 2018

Do you use the liquid or the dry first?

The most important thing is to use both together. Dash on some liquid, and then sprinkle on a light coating of dry.

Does the Liquid have to be refrigerated?

No, but it doesn’t hurt to refrigerate it.

How much do I use on one pound of meat?

We recommend 1/2 oz of liquid and 1/2 oz of Dry per pound. A little goes a long way.

Is Daddy Hinkle’s good on grilled veggies?

Yes! Coat with olive oil, sprinkle on some Daddy Hinkle’s, and grill the veggies. Great Fajitas too.

How much will a 1.5-oz package do?

The 1.5 oz package will do at least 2 pounds of meat.

How long do I have to leave it on before cooking?

Sprinkle on the wet and dry and let stand a few minutes. After sprinkling with Daddy Hinkles, for best results, we like to let the meat warm up to room temp before cooking.

Can I buy the liquid and dry separately?

Only a few stores sell the liquid and dry separately. You can order it on the products page, call us at 1-800-298-3929, or fill out the store petition form.

I see Papain in the ingredients. What is Papain?

Papain is the commercial name of the tenderizer we use in the Dry seasonings, and it comes from papaya.

Is there a difference in the O’riginal, Southwest, and Hotter liquid marinades?

No. The liquid is the same for all flavors of Daddy Hinkle’s.

How much dry should I buy to go with a gallon of liquid?

We recommend buying at least 2 pounds. The ration of wet to dry is 1 oz to 1/2 oz of dry. 1 gal of liquid has 128 ounces, so the ratio would be 64 ounces of dry which would equal 4 pounds of dry to 1 gal of liquid.

Why is my shipping cost so high?

Good question. We charge customers what UPS or the Postal Service charges us to ship to you. We do try to find the cheapest way to get Daddy Hinkle’s to you. We can sometimes save you money by shipping through the Post (depending on your zip code and the weight of the package). Buying by the case will help offset shipping charges.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders ship within 24-48 hours via UPS. The transit time will depend on your zip code. UPS will send tracking notification when your order ships. If you are concerned about getting your order by a specific date, you can always call us at 1-800-298-3929.

How do I order if I am a grocery store, meat market or restaurant?

Just call 1-800-298-3929 between 8 am and 4 pm Monday thru Friday CST or leave a message after hours and on weekends. We will get back to you as soon as possible, or you can email lora@daddyhinkles.com and request wholesale pricing.

Do you sell emails or share my information?

Absolutely not! If you sign up for our newsletter, we will only send it to alert you of sales. We typically only send out our newsletter a couple of times a year, so you won’t be bombarded with information from us. We understand your concern for privacy, and we honor it by using best practices.

Do your products contain gluten?

Both the liquid and the dry portion of Hinkle’s are gluten free.

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