What Our Customers Say

I haven't had the pleasure to try this yet but I will order some for my dad who will be turning 90 this year. He will like this since his name is Milton Hinkle.
Carol (Hinkle) Clarkson - Altamont, IL

A friend of mine turned me onto this about ten years ago. Have been using it ever since. Best marinade ever.
Kenny G. - Irving, TX

Daddy Hinkle's is GREAT! I love it. I can no longer get it in Ruston, LA. A company that has roots in Texas (B Brothers) that has a warehouse store that starts with the letter "S" no longer carries Daddy Hinkle's. We need it! I got to go marinade my steaks.
Fred Carr - Ruston, LA

Hi I just want to let you know that I just bought your meat marinade for the first time and it was Fantastic.I used it on a arm roast it turned fantastic the meat wasn't dry at all and gave it more flavor to the arm roast.I am hooked on it.
Nancy Hanson - Cedar Rapids, IA

We love Daddy Hinkles! We grill a couple of times a week and I put it on every kind of meat, even burgers. I buy seven at a time, three Original and three Southwest. One hot for ribs or chicken wings. My neighbor told me about DH about five years ago and now I can't imagine grilling without it.
Thanks so much for a great product!
Ginger Patterson - Texarkana, AR

We love your products, it works on every meat we've tried. I get so many compliments on my grilled steaks, they all want to know my secret. Would love to keep my secret, but always pass it on that its Daddy Hinkles, not my grilling abilities.
Jo Hein - haysville, KS

First encounter with your product was at the OKC State fair. Been hooked ever since. I cook everything with it and I mean everything. Any meat that we eat Has it on it. I do a lot of cook outs and I always get complements on your product. I let everyone know what it is and where to get it. I honestly cant eat a steak anywhere else but here at home. Thank you for coming to the state fair many many years ago and having such a good product! PS, We are thinking about opening up a restaurant/ BBQ place here and will be using your product for sure! Thanks again!
Rodney Wilson - Weatherford, OK

Our local Hy-Vee cooks right in the store using Daddy Hinkle's Instant Meat Marinade. I thought whatever they cooked was always good so I bought some. Now I actually use Daddy Hinkle's to marinate my steak which I have never done before. Perfect every time!!!! 

My sister brought me some seasoning and marinade and we grilled Ribeye steaks.  Oh my, they were to die for.  I am hooked!!! Thank you for changing my steak to the best ever!!!!

I don't normally use any marinade because they contain MSG and causes me to get Migraines. Daddy hinkles is the best I have tried and I can use it without worrying about getting a Migraine. We love it on everything.
Teresa Baker - Warsaw, IN

This stuff is the Ballinest marinade i have ever tasted. You must try it!!!
Joe - Collinsville, OK

OMG! This is the best stuff ever. The flavor is amazing. I only use daddy Hinkle's for my steaks.
Amanda Nichols - PENELOPE, TX

Ever since my good friend Larry told me about your products, I exclusively use Daddy Hinkle's for my marinades and seasonings.
Wes James - McPherson, KS

My brother cooked deer and elk steaks over campfire coals using your original rub. It was the best venison I ever tasted.

Neil Horn - Carthage, TX

I couldn't believe it when my Mom gave my hubby her secret steak recipe because, of course, mom was the best cook in the world. Mom is gone now but thank goodness she shared Daddy Hinkles with hubby! We have friends who would drive from Enid when we were 'fixin' steaks'. Be assured we don't keep it a family secret but tell everybody they really need to keep Daddy Hinkles on hand. We were so tickled when we didn't have to drive to Claremore anymore but can buy it at both grocery stores in Pryor now. We're spreading the word for you!
Sandy - Pryor, OK

Daddy Hinkle's is the BEST!!!! My little 8 year old daughter, Gia absolutely loves Daddy Hinkle's!!! "My mouth explodes with yummy flavor Daddy" is her exclamation whenever I use it on Chicken, Steak, or hamburgers. I am so glad that I can order it online. The stores here in Colorado don't sell it and that makes me downright sad. It is the best kept secret for the best meals. Can't wait until we get our order! Grilling without it is just not the same!
Joe Orlando - Brighton, CO

THE.BEST.EVER!!!! My in-laws are from McAlester, Oklahoma. That's when I first heard of Daddy Hinkles. Now whenever we visit, we stock up on it. I will definitely get a petition going to have it sold here in Northern Virginia!!

Patty Ragan - Purcellville, VA

I don't care what you put it on, Daddy Hinkles is the ONLY marinade. Meat, seafood, veggies, eggs...I'd almost eat it on ice cream!
Jena - Phillipsburg, MO

in May of this year I contacted Daddy Hinkle about where I could find it. I use it on all my meat pretty much! I got an email today saying they are going to start selling Daddy Hinkle here in Kenedy!! I am so happy and will have every one I know try it! Thank you!

Vicky K - Kenedy, TX

I love love love Daddy Hinkle's. There is no one in this town that sells it and I had been having my family bring some when they visit. Thanks to your website I found it 30 miles away! So I can drive to get it until I get my online order!!!! Thank you and please don't ever change!
Vicky K - Kenedy, TX

This is without question the Absolute Best Seasoning that I've ever used. My sister turned me on to it while I was visiting her on weekend. I was sold with the first taste. I don't use anything else now. I put it on everything from Steak to Salmon!!! Love it!!!
Jody - Springdale, AR

This is the best marinade I have ever used. I accidentally stumbled on it a couple of years ago, and there is nothing else like it. It's easy, makes the meat tender and tastes great. It's the only one I use now.
Candi - Princeton, KY

We discovered Daddy Hinkle's products through our cousins who live in Oklahoma. We are so impressed with the seasonings and marinades! We have searched everywhere in our area to buy the products, but no one here has ever heard of Daddy Hinkle's!!
We use it on EVERYTHING that we grill outside....we grill all through the year, 24/7, snow, rain, sleet, hail, sunshine, we use Daddy Hinkle's!

Nancy Fischer - Canandaigua, NY

Steak is perfect with Daddy Hinkle's.  Who needs sauce?  Ribs melt in your mouth.  The meat is always tender and delicious.  
Penny - Bentonville

I moved from Dallas to Seattle more than a year ago and have missed Daddy Hinkle's the most since I've not been able to find it in the great Pacific NW!  Thank goodness I finally had the sense to Google the name and found your website--no longer will I long for a great steak, burger, chicken or piece of fish--DH is the best marinade of all time--ever!
Brenda - Seattle

I'm constantly looking for the best marinade for grilling and I have found it!  Never have I had a pork chop that tasty and moist.  I immediately called friends and family and told them they HAD to try this one.  Keep up the great work!!!!
Amy - Topeka, KS

We have tried so many marinades/rubs, and this is by far the best!! Made the most flavorful/tender flat iron steaks one could imagine!! I'm going to throw away all our other rubs - this is the only one for me from now on!! Thanks!!
Jan, OK

I use the original on all of grilling meats ... It is simply the best myself and my family and friends enjoy .. and now that I've found the web store you can expect I'll be trying the rest of your products . Thanks for another great grilling summer...

I just love your products! I discovered them a few years ago at Meijer here in Michigan but they stopped selling them. ☹
I have been ordering online as often as I can. I bought a case of the individual packets the past couple of times but I thought I'd try it this way. I give them to my friends occasionally and everyone raves about the flavor of anything we make with Daddy Hinkle's.
I hope to always be able to find Daddy Hinkle's!
My family's favorite part is sopping up the drippings with croissants... mmmmm! LOL!