What Our Customers Say

" We love Daddy Hinkles! We grill a couple of times a week and I put it on every kind of meat, even burgers. I buy seven at a time, three Original and three Southwest. One hot for ribs or chicken wings. My neighbor told me about DH about five years ago and now I can't imagine grilling without it. Thanks so much for a great product! "

- Ginger Patterson - Texarkana, AR

" Hi I just want to let you know that I just bought your meat marinade for the first time and it was Fantastic.I used it on a arm roast it turned fantastic the meat wasn't dry at all and gave it more flavor to the arm roast.I am hooked on it. "

- Nancy Hanson - Cedar Rapids, IA

" Daddy Hinkle's is GREAT! I love it. I can no longer get it in Ruston, LA. A company that has roots in Texas (B Brothers) that has a warehouse store that starts with the letter "S" no longer carries Daddy Hinkle's. We need it! I got to go marinade my steaks. "

- Fred Carr - Ruston, LA

" A friend of mine turned me onto this about ten years ago. Have been using it ever since. Best marinade ever. "

- Kenny G. - Irving, TX

" I haven't had the pleasure to try this yet but I will order some for my dad who will be turning 90 this year. He will like this since his name is Milton Hinkle. "

- Carol (Hinkle) Clarkson - Altamont, IL

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