Daddy Hinkle’s is the Best Steak Tenderizer Marinade


If you have ever used a standard liquid tenderizer for your steak and didn’t add any seasoning or marinade, you likely weren’t impressed with the overall flavor. While some tenderizers may help make your meat easier to chew, Daddy Hinkle’s provides a flavorful experience with our Seasoned Tenderizer. Here is what makes Daddy Hinkle’s the best steak tenderizer marinade.

Ease of Use – Much like the existing range of Daddy Hinkle’s products, our Seasoned Tenderizer takes out the hard work of pounding meat with a mallet or soaking it In tenderizer for hours at a time. Using our steak tenderizer marinade is as simple as splashing it onto the room temperature meat as the grill is heating. To help it penetrate the meat, use a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer or poke it into the meat with the tines of a fork.

Incredible Flavor – To be the best steak tenderizer marinade, you have to take the time to enhance the quality and flavor of the finished meat. While our Seasoned Tenderizer tastes great on its own, pairing it with any of our dry rubs or seasonings can give a flavor boost that is unmatched. Don’t settle for tasteless meat, trust Daddy Hinkle’s like so many other grill masters already have!

How Does Daddy Hinkle’s Seasoned Tenderizer Work?

The unique formula utilized by Daddy Hinkle’s Seasoned Tenderizer makes it the best steak tenderizer marinade available. Once you splash our liquid tenderizer on, it will soak deep into the meat to break down long muscle strands and soften collagen into a gelatin like consistency. The resulting collagen will then also soak into the meat to add more moisture for a juicy, flavorful steak.

This one part system can be enhanced by utilizing our existing two-part method and pairing the tenderized meat with your favorite Daddy Hinkle’s dry rub or seasoning. This provides award winning steakhouse flavor and an easy steak marinade that anyone can utilize. If you are serious about soft and flavorful steak, then you need to try Daddy Hinkle’s Seasoned Marinade on your next grilling adventure!

Why Choose Daddy Hinkle’s for the Best Steak Tenderizer Marinade?

Daddy Hinkle’s is the easiest way to get award winning steakhouse flavor from the comfort of your own home. We have perfected our marinade system to provide a flavorful and memorable meal opportunity for your family each and every time you fire up the grill. We invite you to browse our seasonings and marinades and find you and your families new favorite flavors!

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