24 pack – 1.5oz. Single Serve Packet – Spicy Pepper


If you are planning a camping trip, you won’t want to be caught in the wild without Daddy Hinkle’s single serve marinade packets. It’s easy to create memorable meals as the camp chef with our unique and easy two-part marinade.

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Are you looking for a portable way to give your foods an immediate burst of flavor? Daddy Hinkle’s 1.5 oz. Single Serve Packets is a quick and easy two-part marinade that can be sprinkled on your favorite meats before cooking. Each packet contains liquid and dry blends to treat 2 to 3 lbs. of meat for an unforgettable meal on the go.

If you are planning a camping trip, Daddy Hinkle’s are a lightweight, portable way to be the camp hero and create lasting memories. Meats treated with our unique two-step marinade can be cooked in the oven, in a skillet or on the grill. No matter what flavor of Daddy Hinkle’s you prefer, we are sure to have the single serve packet you are looking for. If you are feeling generous, our single serve packets are also a great way to introduce your family and friends to Daddy Hinkle’s marinade!

The Spicy Pepper Blend adds rich spicy flavor with a little bit of heat. It has a light onion, garlic, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, and black pepper. It was blended for flavor, not fire. Works great on chicken, pork, as well as beef, steamed and grilled veggies, potatoes, eggs, chilis, and soups.

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Weight 3 lbs