Daddy Hinkle’s Flour-Sack Towel


Daddy Hinkle’s Flour Sack Towel also makes a great gift for the grill master or executive chef at your home or business. Show your guests you know how to make a great steak by using the Daddy Hinkle’s Flour Sack Towel during your outdoor barbecue!



Every so often we come across items we want to offer our customers because of their versatility and ease of use. Not only are these old-fashioned flour sack towels practical and durable, they also look great! They make great gifts for friends and family and we hope you will enjoy these towels as much as we do.

Everyone knows that grilling or spending time in the kitchen can get messy incredibly quick, especially when sauces or raw products are used. For this reason, many grill masters and executive chefs have adopted the practice of keeping a grill towel on hand to keep their workspace and themselves clean. With this Daddy Hinkle’s Flour Sack Towel, everyone at your barbecue will know you are prepared to serve flavorful and tender food.

These versatile flour sack towels measure roughly 25 x 27 inches and are made of 100% cotton.

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Weight .5 lbs