Texas Gold Star Marinade & Tenderizer

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Ready to get the best of both worlds? When you use Texas Gold Star, you not only get great flavor in your steaks but you are also able to achieve the perfect level of tenderization.
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Texas Gold Star Marinade & Tenderizer will not only give your prepared meats the tenderness you desire but also inject incredible flavor that can’t be found with competitor’s products. Though meat can often be slightly tenderized with a mallet, why spend all that time getting your arm tired when our liquid tenderizer works even better? It’s no secret that tender meat will be easier to chew and generally better than a hard, rubbery slab of meat. Aside from the flavor and quality of a meat, tenderness will likely be the most important factor in how well your prepared meat is perceived. For this reason, using a quality meat tenderizer is an absolute necessity whether you are cooking beef, poultry, pork, or any other type of meat.

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