What Our Customers Say

" I first found Daddy Hinkle's in 2014 when I went to visit my family in Cordell, Oklahoma and have been hooked ever since! I have others now hooked on it too. The dry/wet marinade packet makes the meat so very tender. I also love the Onion and Garlic spices too! "

- Cheri Aitken-Clovis, California

" I just love your products! I discovered them a few years ago at Meijer here in Michigan but they stopped selling them. ☹ I have been ordering online as often as I can. I bought a case of the individual packets the past couple of times but I thought I'd try it this way. I give them to my friends occasionally and everyone raves about the flavor of anything we make with Daddy Hinkle's. I hope to always be able to find Daddy Hinkle's! My family's favorite part is sopping up the drippings with croissants... mmmmm! LOL! "

- Barb

" I use the original on all of grilling meats ... It is simply the best myself and my family and friends enjoy .. and now that I've found the web store you can expect I'll be trying the rest of your products . Thanks for another great grilling summer... "

- Eric

" We have tried so many marinades/rubs, and this is by far the best!! Made the most flavorful/tender flat iron steaks one could imagine!! I'm going to throw away all our other rubs - this is the only one for me from now on!! Thanks!! "

- Jan, OK

" I'm constantly looking for the best marinade for grilling and I have found it! Never have I had a pork chop that tasty and moist. I immediately called friends and family and told them they HAD to try this one. Keep up the great work!!!! "

- Amy - Topeka, KS

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