The Steak of Your Life


Here's What You Do

1. Wet the meat with the Daddy Hinkle’s liquid, water or olive oil and then sprinkle on the Daddy Hinkle’s dry seasoning. The liquid and dry seasoning mix together on the steak to form the marinade.

2. Use a fork or a Jaccard meat tenderizer to fork and force the Daddy Hinkle’s deep inside the steaks.

3. Allow the steaks to sit at room temperature to allow the meat to tenderize and marinate.

4. Throw on a hot grill and sear the steaks to seal in all the juices.

5. When steaks are done to your taste, let them rest for 7 to 10 minutes before serving.

Here's What You Need

  • Cut of your choice
  • Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Meat Marinade (The O’riginal, Southwest, or Hotter’n $700, depending on your taste.)
  • Optional: water or olive oil

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