Low Sodium Cracked Pepper Blend


Use Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium blends as a seasoning, rub or marinade on your next meal and see why so many people have made it their go-to low sodium option.


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There’s a common misconception that you have to sacrifice taste for a low sodium seasoning, rub or marinade. At Daddy Hinkle’s we are committed to providing the best seasonings available and our low sodium seasonings are no exception. Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium Shakers have 50% of the salt per serving as our Original Instant Marinades and 100% of our great taste. With Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium Blends, we have created a seasoning and rub for all meats and foods.

We created this product to ensure even sodium restricted diets and health conscious individuals have the flavorful, delicious meats and vegetables they deserve. These low sodium seasonings are so good, any restrictive diet will feel normal.

The Low Sodium Cracked Pepper Blend can help transform your favorite meats and vegetables by increasing their flavor without masking their original flavor. Cracked pepper has long been a staple in meat seasonings and we believe our low sodium version rivals the top seasoning providers in the industry. With half the salt and all the flavor, Daddy Hinkle’s Low Sodium Cracked Pepper Blend is the seasoning you have been waiting for!

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