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Daddy Hinkle’s Brisket

The brisket was first well wetted with Daddy Hinkle’s Liquid and then rubbed with a lot of Daddy Hinkle’s Original Dry: about one ounce of Liquid and one half ounce of the Dry per two pounds of Brisket. More if you want! The Daddy Hinkle´s was forked into the brisket and it was allowed to...
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Christina Haley’s Delicious Daddy Hinkle Sloppy Joes

Brown out ground meat, onion, and garlic. Drain. Combine ketchup, bell pepper, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, mustard, Daddy Hinkle’s liquid and dry rub in your slow cooker. Add in your beef mixture. Cover and cook low 6-8 hours.
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A Simple Twist on an Old Classic: Daddy Hinkle’s Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

To prepare the meat, trim fat and silver from the pork tenderloin. Use a fork with large prongs to make multiple punctures at one inch intervals on the top and bottom of the pork tenderloin. Pour and rub 1 Tablespoon of Daddy Hinkle’s Seasoned Tenderizer per pound onto the meat. Place pork tenderloin into a...
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Aji (ah-hee) Colombian Salsa with a twist

Aji is a finely chopped salsa used to add spice to meals in Colombia. You can find Aji on just about every table in Colombia. Our Aji is a very finely chopped mix of tomato, garlic, onion, cilantro, lime juice, vinegar, Daddy Hinkle’s Hotter’n $700, and a bit of water. In a large bowl mix...
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