What Our Customers Say

" I love love love Daddy Hinkle's. There is no one in this town that sells it and I had been having my family bring some when they visit. Thanks to your website I found it 30 miles away! So I can drive to get it until I get my online order!!!! Thank you and please don't ever change! "

- Vicky K - Kenedy, TX

" In May of this year I contacted Daddy Hinkle about where I could find it. I use it on all my meat pretty much! I got an email today saying they are going to start selling Daddy Hinkle here in Kenedy!! I am so happy and will have every one I know try it! Thank you! "

- Vicky K - Kenedy, TX

" I don't care what you put it on, Daddy Hinkles is the ONLY marinade. Meat, seafood, veggies, eggs...I'd almost eat it on ice cream! "

- Jena - Phillipsburg, MO

" THE.BEST.EVER!!!! My in-laws are from McAlester, Oklahoma. That's when I first heard of Daddy Hinkles. Now whenever we visit, we stock up on it. I will definitely get a petition going to have it sold here in Northern Virginia!! "

- Patty Ragan - Purcellville, VA

" Daddy Hinkle's is the BEST!!!! My little 8 year old daughter, Gia absolutely loves Daddy Hinkle's!!! "My mouth explodes with yummy flavor Daddy" is her exclamation whenever I use it on Chicken, Steak, or hamburgers. I am so glad that I can order it online. The stores here in Colorado don't sell it and that makes me downright sad. It is the best kept secret for the best meals. Can't wait until we get our order! Grilling without it is just not the same! "

- Joe Orlando - Brighton, CO

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