What Our Customers Say

" I couldn't believe it when my Mom gave my hubby her secret steak recipe because, of course, mom was the best cook in the world. Mom is gone now but thank goodness she shared Daddy Hinkles with hubby! We have friends who would drive from Enid when we were 'fixin' steaks'. Be assured we don't keep it a family secret but tell everybody they really need to keep Daddy Hinkles on hand. We were so tickled when we didn't have to drive to Claremore anymore but can buy it at both grocery stores in Pryor now. We're spreading the word for you! "

- Sandy - Pryor, OK

" My brother cooked deer and elk steaks over campfire coals using your original rub. It was the best venison I ever tasted. "

- Neil Horn - Carthage, TX

" Ever since my good friend Larry told me about your products, I exclusively use Daddy Hinkle's for my marinades and seasonings. "

- Wes James - McPherson, KS

" OMG! This is the best stuff ever. The flavor is amazing. I only use daddy Hinkle's for my steaks. "

- Amanda Nichols - Penelope, TX

" This stuff is the Ballinest marinade i have ever tasted. You must try it!!! "

- Joe - Collinsville, OK

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