Dry Rub

If you are looking for the perfect Barbeque dry rub, look no further than Daddy Hinkle's.  For tender, juicy ribs, delicious slow-cooked brisket, mouthwatering pork loin, or for the best rack-of-lamb on the planet, Daddy Hinkle's barbeque dry rub does it all.  The barbeque dry rub tenderizes and enhances the flavor of the meat whether you are slow-cooking in the oven, grilling, or even using a crock pot.

Daddy Hinkle's barbeque dry rub comes in three award-winning blends, Original, Southwest, and Hotter n $700.  Daddy Hinkle's barbeque dry rub also comes in a great low-sodium blend as well as sugar-free sea salt blends.

Whether you are grilling out for family or friends in your own backyard, or traveling, the 1.5-oz packages are perfect for easy use and storage in campers.  The trial-size packs are pre-measured for 2-3 pounds of meat, so they are lightweight and ready for use.  For the best barbeque on the block, there is no better choice than Daddy Hinkle's barbeque dry rub.